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Re: [tor-talk] torsocks 1.3 is tagged and released

On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 12:09 PM, intrigeri <intrigeri@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> Jacob Appelbaum wrote (12 Feb 2013 19:25:59 GMT) :
>> intrigeri:
>>> A Git tag integrates perfectly with packaging workflow... iff it's the
>>> canonical form of distribution of the complete upstream release.
>>> [...]
>> I'll discuss it with nickm and see what he thinks. A tar.gz isn't too
>> much of a problem but I'm not sure of where I'd put it.
> FTR, I'm waiting for an authoritative upstream answer on this before
> I upload 1.3 to the Debian archive.
> I'm more and more tempted to take the Git tag as the canonical form of
> distribution of the complete upstream release, which it seems to be in
> practice, given there's no tarball that I can find 10 days after the
> release was announced (and again, the Git tag suits me well).

Hm. It looks like Jacob is might just be completely hosed right now,
so I've uploaded a tarball to
http://www.wangafu.net/~nickm/torsocks-1.3.tar.gz and a signature to
http://www.wangafu.net/~nickm/torsocks-1.3.tar.gz.asc.  I hope we get
get these put somewhere more official soon.

As an extra wrinkle, this is my first time running "make dist" on
torsocks, so it's possible that "make dist" has bugs that don't appear
when using the tags.  Please open tickets if so; caveat haxxor. :/

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