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Re: [tor-talk] torsocks 1.3 is tagged and released


Nick Mathewson wrote (22 Feb 2013 17:47:34 GMT) :
> [...] so I've uploaded a tarball to [...]


Since I was given conflicting information from Nick and Jake on this
topic, I've used the data source that had the most information in it
(i.e. the tarball) as a basis for torsocks 1.3-1 that I've eventually
uploaded to Debian experimental.

I'll be happy if Jacob and Nick find an agreement and give a single
authoritative answer on the tag / tarball topic for 1.4 :)

> As an extra wrinkle, this is my first time running "make dist" on
> torsocks, so it's possible that "make dist" has bugs that don't appear
> when using the tags.

I've compared the content of the tarball and the content of the tagged
Git tree, and the result seems good enough. I'm not sure if it's on
purpose that the tarball doesn't ship FAQ, README.TORDNS, nor
doc/tsocks.conf.*, though. The previous release didn't either.

> Please open tickets if so; caveat haxxor. :/

Sure. FWIW, it would be a bit easier to try and avoid reporting
duplicates if there was a dedicated Trac tickets report, listed on the
available reports page [1], for the torsocks component. I managed to
get myself such a report by modifying the URL of another existing
report, but I doubt everyone would do that.

[1] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/report

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