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Re: [tor-talk] Pissed off about Blacklists, and what to do?

> So many sites that we all use are now blacklisting Tor. It's unclear
> whether it is via their use of tools that blindly utilize blacklists,
> or if they are making a conscious choice to deny Tor users. As far
> as I'm concerned, we are all legitimate users of their services and
> quite frankly, I've had enough... exactly the same as I'm sure you
> have all had.

try placing an ad on Gumtree

you must post it from an *IP* of the country you are placing an ad about

if you then use a *Tor exit node for that country* still no go and all
support ticket requests are autocratically ignored and closed without
reasoning - officially worse than Go Daddy & love responding quickly and
craply (when they do respond)

reading their support responses from another different IP?

tst tst tst

using a different browser user agent ?

naughty naughty - they fingerprint & assign you a lovely machID

but its not like their parent companies ebay/paypal in that you have
already given them verifiable personal information for fraud prevention;
Gumtree was an experience OTT

time for that lawyer ...

> What can we do, as a collective social entity, to put an end to
> this madness? It is not as if we, as Tor users, present any more
> of a load upon their help/fraud/abuse desks than the wider open
> internet as a whole, even when if perhaps adjusted for market share
> of source IP's. So what can we do?
> This is in re: Hulu (whis is presumably authenticated)... but really,
> it applies to any service which we, the legitimate users of Tor,
> are denied access to.
> It has simply gone too far and we should be putting effort into
> reversing this trend by interacting with these deniers to become
> permitters.
> What do we do?
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