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Re: [tor-talk] Pissed off about Blacklists, and what to do?

> What can we do, as a collective social entity, to put an end to
> this madness? It is not as if we, as Tor users, present any more
> of a load upon their help/fraud/abuse desks than the wider open
> internet as a whole, even when if perhaps adjusted for market share
> of source IP's. So what can we do?

I am a long-time Tor user, I run tor relays and I'm all for Tor.

I am also a capitalist and owner of quite a few websites. And I block
POST requests from Tor on quite a few of them.

One Tor user with too much time on his hands can ruin it for everyone.
I fully understand why some sites block POST requests from Tor. Now,
why some sites block GET requests from Tor is another matter, that I
have problems understanding. "You're using Tor so you can't read what's
on our site" seems hard to justify. But blocking POSTs? Now that I
fully understand. "Bad people" use Tor and some of them have too much
time on their hands. Every minute I have to spend on one of those is
one I can't spend on _profitable_ users.

The only solution I would consider from a webmaster point of view is a
micropayment system. Allowing POST requests from Tor would be worth it
if it would cost bad people 1mBTC or 100 DOGE or whatever to create an
account (If anyone knows of such a plugin for WordPress or MediaWiki
then let me know)

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