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Re: [tor-talk] Using HTTPS Everywhere to redirect to .onion

Well, it's an interesting idea, and one that has cropped up throughout the years. This is something that makes the most sense for websites that are at huge risk of being taken down through domain seizures or DNS shenanigans, with a number of rulesets in the TBB. But I *think* this problem is a little trickier than it appears on first blush. If the site is down because the server is down/seized/wiped, then the onion's key information could be gone too.

It would be cool if the TBB redirected to the backup onion of a site if the primary domain is down. cryptic.be > 404! > cryptic000000000.onion

Problem there is kind of obvious in that it's not easy to get a list of websites which offer an alternate address. One thing that might be interesting is to incorporate some kind of a meta tag that lists their .onion. So while you might go to https://yahoo.com, yahoo.onion is available and gets added to a list of hidden services. Or site owners could opt-in with relevant information in an onion.txt. Or visitors could recommend a website for inclusion/spidering similar to either pingomatic or google's old webmaster tools site. (Note that this paragraph likely contradicts some of Tor's current dev goals around hidden service enumeration).


ps: <3 https-everywhere hacks ^_^

fortasse wrote:
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Hello all,

I am the web admin on the Whonix project (www.whonix.org /
kkkkkkkkkk63ava6.onion), where we serve the same wiki, blog, and
forums on both a .org and .onion, for censorship-resistance purposes.

Most web applications expect to "be" at one base URL, and generate
dynamic links based off the "known" location, which is usually entered
by hand during installation. That works great for most use cases; but
.onions are not a typical use case.

While trying to come up with a way for the forum users to be able to
browse without having to manually edit the .org links into .onion
links, I threw together a HTTPS Everywhere user ruleset:

<ruleset name="Whonix Onion">
   <target host="www.whonix.org" />
   <target host="kkkkkkkkkk63ava6.onion" />
   <rule from="^http(s)?://(www\.)?whonix\.org/"

and it works beautifully. With this ruleset enabled, the user can type
in "whonix.org/forum" and the browser will actually make the request
for "http://kkkkkkkkkk63ava6.onion/forum";. If the user wants the .org
version, they can toggle the ruleset off.

My question is does this have more potential than being a weird
(rather effective) hack? Could we make an "onion Everywhere" as it
were to help solve the difficult-to-remember onion names? Or is this
just another layer of confusion that further increases the barrier of
entry on successful Tor use?

It's a pretty simple idea, and I am open to any questions, comments,
or rude remarks.




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