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Re: [tor-talk] trackers in OONI Probe Mobile App / was: NEW RiseupVPN test in OONI Probe Mobile App

Actually OONI tests is absolute useless to find anything bad, All the tests being done can be known trivially by using the internet e.g:

- check for websites blockage
- check for Tor blockage
- check for Internet speed

Which one of that need magic/effort to be known? child using the internet in that area can give you all the results without the need to run this OONI app

The current development/developers are giving garbage application.

It should give results for middle boxes , DNS/TLS hijacking ...etc something useful/worth to run OONI for.

One of the funny things it test for whatsapp if its blocked, But it doenst do that for signal or element/matrix where they are more important than the malware whatsapp... What a waste of effort and money

Christian Pietsch:
Dear Maria,
dear OONI Probe users,

having used OONI Probe on Android devices in the past, I was shocked
to find out today that at least the version distributed via Google's
Play Store seems to contain two trackers, namely Countly and Google
Firebase Analytics: https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/en/reports/161999/

Countly is UK based. They admit that they collect personal data from
users as defined in the GDPR: https://count.ly/legal/privacy-policy
Regarding Google (Firebase) Analytics, we know they collect any data
they can. Trackers are spyware. Don't use apps that contain them!

F-Droid provides a version of OONI Probe to Android users that is
tracker-free – like all apps in this app store. I double-checked it
using the Exodus software mentioned above on the command line.

Why don't you provide a clean version of your app to the majority of
Android users who still rely on Google's Play Store, OONI?


On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 11:21:13AM +0100, Maria Xynou wrote:

We're excited to share that the latest OONI Probe version features a
brand new test for RiseupVPN!

You can now check whether RiseupVPN works on your network. Learn all
about this test here: https://ooni.org/nettest/riseupvpn/

To run the new RiseupVPN test, update to the latest version (2.9.1) of
OONI Probe Mobile: https://ooni.org/install/mobile

All RiseupVPN test results from around the world are openly published in
near real-time:

Warm thanks to the folks from the LEAP collective for developing this
new test! <3


Maria (on behalf of the OONI team).

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