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[tor-talk] trackers in OONI Probe Mobile App / was: NEW RiseupVPN test in OONI Probe Mobile App

Dear Maria,
dear OONI Probe users,

having used OONI Probe on Android devices in the past, I was shocked
to find out today that at least the version distributed via Google's
Play Store seems to contain two trackers, namely Countly and Google
Firebase Analytics: https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/en/reports/161999/

Countly is UK based. They admit that they collect personal data from
users as defined in the GDPR: https://count.ly/legal/privacy-policy
Regarding Google (Firebase) Analytics, we know they collect any data
they can. Trackers are spyware. Don't use apps that contain them!

F-Droid provides a version of OONI Probe to Android users that is
tracker-free – like all apps in this app store. I double-checked it
using the Exodus software mentioned above on the command line.

Why don't you provide a clean version of your app to the majority of
Android users who still rely on Google's Play Store, OONI?


On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 11:21:13AM +0100, Maria Xynou wrote:
> Hello,
> We're excited to share that the latest OONI Probe version features a
> brand new test for RiseupVPN!
> You can now check whether RiseupVPN works on your network. Learn all
> about this test here: https://ooni.org/nettest/riseupvpn/
> To run the new RiseupVPN test, update to the latest version (2.9.1) of
> OONI Probe Mobile: https://ooni.org/install/mobile
> All RiseupVPN test results from around the world are openly published in
> near real-time:
> https://explorer.ooni.org/search?since=2020-12-30&test_name=riseupvpn
> Warm thanks to the folks from the LEAP collective for developing this
> new test! <3
> Cheers,
> Maria (on behalf of the OONI team).

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