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Re: [tor-talk] trackers in OONI Probe Mobile App / was: NEW RiseupVPN test in OONI Probe Mobile App

On 2021-02-06 01:11, bo0od wrote:
Actually OONI tests is absolute useless to find anything bad, All the tests being done can be known trivially by using the internet e.g:

- check for websites blockage
- check for Tor blockage
- check for Internet speed

Which one of that need magic/effort to be known? child using the internet in that area can give you all the results without the need to run this OONI app

The app gives me a one-click "Is this network censored, and what sort of censorship might apply" without manually maintaining such a list myself, and inspecting each site manually.

For my own part, I'm a lot more comfortable explaining why I am using a censorship diagnostics tool than I am opening offensive sites in a public location.

And while we're on the topic, you might well want to spend your time checking 25-1463 of the sites on the global list manually, and if this is how you spend your free time, all power to you! I would rather a tool do the work and give me a summary report which I can inspect.

And if you do go through this process manually, regularly, on different networks, I trust you collect the results and tabulate the results in a meaningful and collaborative way to provide public information on censorship across a wide range of networks and countries?

I have no affiliation with the app developers, except as a satisfied user who does find value in the current app.

Could there be more functionality added? Sure!

It should give results for middle boxes , DNS/TLS hijacking ...etc something useful/worth to run OONI for.

These would be great things to consider adding too.
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