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Re: irssi+tsocks: can't connect to ssl-secured irc-server

On Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 12:03:08PM +0100, herfel@xxxxxxx wrote:
> I am trying to use irssi with tsocks to tunnel my irc-traffic
>over tor. tsocks is configured correctly and tunneling plain-text
>irc works ok. I can also tunnel other instant-messengers via tsocks
>(ssl-secured connections, too) and it works ok (checked with lsof to
>see the conections).

So far so good.

> However when I am trying to use irssi with ssl-secured irc-server, irssi will just sit there trying to connect and cpu goes to 100%. Can anyone confirm this problem?

Alas, you've combined two buggy situations. First, tsocks is
packed with bugs:
Second, IRC SSL has never been a stable concept or well supported
by common IRC clients.

I wish you luck. :)