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irssi+tsocks: can't connect to ssl-secured irc-server

I am trying to use irssi with tsocks to tunnel my irc-traffic over tor. tsocks is configured correctly and tunneling plain-text irc works ok. I can also tunnel other instant-messengers via tsocks (ssl-secured connections, too) and it works ok (checked with lsof to see the conections).

However when I am trying to use irssi with ssl-secured irc-server, irssi will just sit there trying to connect and cpu goes to 100%. Can anyone confirm this problem?

To reproduce: 

$ tsocks irssi
/SERVER -ssl +irc.mozilla.org 6697
(without -ssl there are no problems. Also without tsocks there are no problems.)

I didn't see anything mentioned in the documentation on this. So I wanted to hear from a few more people whether they can confirm this problem. How would one go about finding the source of the problem? Isn't tsocks totally transparent to the application? I thought so, especially since many other applications (even those using ssl) do not seem to have any problems.


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