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Re: Block directory authorities, is it possible?

Kevin Smith wrote:
> I have never heard that the Tor website http://tor.eff.org/ has been
> blocked in China, nor any URLs under that website. It is currently not
> blocked by my ISP in Beijing, nor was it blocked by my ISP in Shandong
> province when I lived there.
> I was, however, referring to the Tor service itself, not the website,
> though I did not make that clear.
> The psiphon website, on the other hand, http://psiphon.civisec.org/
> has been blocked, at least by my ISP in Beijing, but the psiphon
> service has not been


> I think it is very interesting in and of itself that the main Tor
> website http://tor.eff.org/ has not been blocked. Perhaps it's the
> Great Firewall's way of saying, "We are knowingly allowing this
> backdoor."

It's funny. Looking at the codebase for both, it would almost seem this
should be the other way around.

I wonder if it's just an oversight that tor.eff.org hasn't been blocked
in your case?

How does the blocking with your ISP work? Do you get a generic reject
page telling you the service is blocked? Do you get TCP resets?

Jacob Appelbaum