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Re: tor-browser bundle on XP

On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 06:59:17AM +0000, mikel.anderson@xxxxxxxx wrote 1.5K bytes in 41 lines about:
: :There are many differences.  For one, Xerobank xB doesn't use Tor.  See
: :http://archives.seul.org/or/talk/Dec-2008/msg00053.html for some recent
: :discussion.
: Andrew, this is incorrect.  Xerobank xB, preconfigured(in free mode) to use the tor network, is available for download at:  http://xerobank.com/download/xb-browser/

I was repeating what Arrakis said, and as he was the original developer
of TorPark, I assumed his information is correct.

: My biggest concern with fee-based products/services, in general, is trusting any corporation with customer data no matter how reassuring their privacy policy seems.  My biggest concern with TBB is the old version of the modified firefox browser may expose users to security risks.  That is why free-mode xB may just offer the best of both worlds.

Conversely, the newest version of Firefox may open you up to anonymity
attacks, even with torbutton enabled.  We're still researching it and
should have a TBB wtih Firefox 3 coming soon.