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Re: tor-browser bundle on XP

Phobos et al,

 xB Browser installs giving a user a choice of two modes.
 The first is Tor, the second is the XeroBank network. xB
 Browser is included in the XeroBank Installer bundle which
 includes xB VPN and xB Mail as well.

 xB Browser, if Tor is installed, will just run Tor for it's
 connection client.

 Otherwise, the installer will ask you for credentials and
 lookup your account data to see if it should connect you via
 SSH to XeroBank, or launch an OpenVPN connection to XeroBank,
 or sense you already have an OpenVPN connection and become
 submissive to direct connection, which gets routed out through

 So xB Browser can connect to Tor, any SSH proxy, or any OpenVPN
 proxy, and acts as the privacy browser for the anonymous
 connection you ask it to make.

 Further disambiguation: Xero Networks, the parent company of
 XeroBank, runs both the XeroBank network, and the Onyx network.
 The two are separate, the former being a 2-hop juridictionally
 split, crowded and multiplexed broadband anonymity network, the
 latter being a much more "hardcore" network featuring 3+ hop
 multi-jursidictional, decentralized, distributed, multiplexed,
 cascade split, crowded, lag obfuscated, 1 Gbps burst broadband
 anonymity network. XeroBank network access is offered to
 consumer clients, Onyx network access is offered to business
 and government clients.