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Re: tor-browser bundle on XP

Arrakis wrote:
> Phobos et al,
>  xB Browser installs giving a user a choice of two modes.
>  The first is Tor, the second is the XeroBank network. xB
>  Browser is included in the XeroBank Installer bundle which
>  includes xB VPN and xB Mail as well.
>  xB Browser, if Tor is installed, will just run Tor for it's
>  connection client.

I think there's some confusion here. In a previous thread you suggested
that XeroBank [0] doesn't use Tor. This is confusing because your
"source" package contains a Tor binary:

/tmp/xb% 7z e XeroBank_Source.zip

/tmp/xb% find .|grep -i tor

It looks like Tor is included with your software.


[0] http://archives.seul.org/or/talk/Dec-2008/msg00053.html