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Re: geeez...

Am 12.01.2011 22:48, schrieb Moritz Bartl:

> Did you run a Tor exit at home? I'm not sure if they come and seize your
> home computer if the Tor server is hosted in a data center. Olaf seems
> not to have run into big trouble yet (or maybe he was quick on replacing
> the hardware).

running an exit in a German data center isn't a big deal. Size really
matters and provides you a certain amount of safety. But as am employee
working for a German Telco, I advise you not to run an exit node at home
behind a DSL subscriber line. Do not do this!

Two days ago my local police officer told me he's regretting that I
might have to shut down blutmagie this year. So German law enforcement
isn't Tor operator's enemy in general.

Saturday at eighthundred I'll be a German Army's soldier in GFM
Augustdorf barracks again, protecting the galaxy against aliens.

regards Olaf
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