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Re: [tor-talk] On the Theory of Remailers

>> It is an interesting questions, if with a modern user interface, can
>> they
>> get to new life?
> I see no reason the state of the art from the legacy remailer types
> can't be combined and updated into a new service running on some
> of the same relay machines we have for Tor today. Even if only
> 10% ran them it would probably be more hosts than were ever
> behind the old remailer nets. And relay operators already have the
> abuse experience in place.

Do remailer already have exit policies?

Perhaps many Tor relay operators just don't know about high latency
networks but if they knew they were willing to run the software in
parallel to Tor (as non-exit).

Remailers need more up to date documentation and perhaps some improvement
as well. Mixfaster description sounds nice.


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