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Re: [tor-talk] Combined flash proxy + pyobfsproxy alpha browser bundles

David Fifield:
> Please help us test new bundles that have flash proxy and pyobfsproxy
> enabled by default.

Have not tested it, yet.

How does the Tor client know which transport it should use?

From the proposal 180 (line 211+212):
"If two plugins support the same method, Tor should use whichever one is
listed first"

They don't support the *same* method. So does it build circuits with
both at the same time? (Different circuits for different transports)

> Windows 64-bit

The bundle extractor is 32bit software, but flash proxy and obfsproxy
are indeed 64bit software. The bundle will not work on 32bit builds of
Windows. Windows XP (although dated) is still very far spread and mostly
32bit (There's a 64 build of it). Vista was 32bit and 64bit as well as
Windows 7. I believe there are 32bit builds for Windows 8.

Many people won't be able to use it.

On Windows you can run 32bit software with an 64bit operating system,
until Microsoft changes this. (Like they did with 16bit software)
Windows 8 64bit runs 32bit software if I'm not mistaking.

So if it's a resource (time) thing, it's probably better to have a 32bit

Do you plan to create a 32bit bundle?

> OS X 64-bit

I don't know much about the platform and its underlying architecture.
Are there many 32bit operating systems? Does 32bit software run on 64bit
OS Xs? Maybe it be nicer to have a 32bit bundle for that platform as well.

Sebastian G. (bastik_tor)
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