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[tor-talk] Hidden vs Clearnet Services (was: Attracting more community input on Tor issues)

Raynardine <raynardine@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I do not like connecting to clearnet services from Tor.
> I am not alone in this.
> There are arguments about the reasons why Tor hidden services can be
> better than clearnet services for users as well, but that would derail
> this thread.

I would be interested in such a thread.

I use hidden services as well as clearnet services via Tor. This
account *only* sends/reads email via Tor. I would welcome a discussion 
about the pros and cons.

To start:

By accessing clearnet services via Tor I am exercising a right and
capability to remain reasonably anonymous. At the same time this allows
others to choose an alternative form of anonymity, participate in a
non-anonymous manner, or use other privacy-enhancing aspects such as
decoupling identity from routing and location, all when accessing the
same resources that I do.

Ready to learn the downsides to this, as well as the benefits from an
all hidden service model.
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