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Re: [tor-talk] Hidden vs Clearnet Services

On 1/29/2013 5:55 PM, Katya Titov wrote:
> Katya Titov <kattitov@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Thanks all for the information, and sorry for the double post. To
> summarise, I see that the issues can be grouped into three areas:
> privacy, political and technology. 

> The privacy side is about selecting what you require. This includes
> understanding how much information you are releasing to the site
> owner/operator, and how much you trust that person. 

> The political aspects include strongly supporting privacy, keeping all
> your traffic private from prying eyes, etc.

> The technology side includes decisions such as choosing "Tor
> encryption" over SSL, remaining within a closed network, stream
> isolation, etc. 

> Raynardine, thank you for your thoughtful response. I understand and
> support your concerns, but also think that there are different levels
> of privacy the people need. Some people also need different levels of
> privacy for different purposes and will create multiple identities and
> operate them in different ways to achieve this. 
Raynardine is not my only identity, so I can appreciate the multi-tiered
privacy management tactic.
> I also happen to agree that many law makers are "elite criminals", but
> sometimes you need to work from within the system to change or better
> exploit it and not just exist outside it. I treat privacy as a trade
> off, similar to the way I look at security in general. The more
> secure/private the more restriction on what you can do and how to
> achieve it. Excellent discussion!

I appreciate the feedback. I would argue that all lawmakers are
criminals by default, but that is another discussion, for another day.

Privacy is a trade-off, but again, I'd prefer not discussing the
pragmatics of this today.

There is something I would, actually, like to discuss here on Tor-Users,
but I'll create a new thread for that.

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