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Re: [tor-talk] are there privacy benefits of running a bridge node?

Oh wait, unless, did you mean same ip? So you'll have clients using
your bridge while you make connections to a guard. Current Tor
implements guard rotation mitigation. Observe directory connection
during bootstrap and associate timing with your initially chosen
guards. If clients later connect to you as bridge it would be possible
to differentiate your traffic from incoming clients by timing and
looking at next-hop.

You might be able to take advantage of such a situation if were
willing to accept the consequence for more frequent guard rotation 
Which is to say not using guards at all or change them over short
intervals to mimic the choice of a middle node for a client. If you
have 1000 clients using your bridge I can see how it would be harder
to correlate their incoming connection vs. failed/successful
middle-hop with your outgoing connection to entry node.

-- leeroy
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