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Re: [tor-talk] Fox News bans my Tor Browser

On 1/16/2015 5:41 AM, Rocky_Tor wrote:
It might be the changing exit node from new identity.
I  did  try changing identities. After numerous "tries", I was successful
onto  FoxNews.  Then shortly that too changed and I was backed to being
For me, TBB is sometimes blocked on sites where it generally is not.
My description here has worked on *some* sites, but fails on others.

Like, https://ixquick.com/do/search & Startpage. When they "block," those 2 sites usually give a captcha. On those 2 sites (& a fair # of others) just clicking the "new identity" on tor button often removes the captcha, or other site access issues, if no captcha.

New identity sometimes fails to allow access - even on sites it normally works. Maybe ? because of the geo-location of new identity is near the old one; or new identity's IPa is also on a spam list, etc?

I still (sometimes) use Vidalia [1], - allows more quickly choosing a new identity w/ exit relays far from the one getting blocked. Often, if clicking New Identity on TorButton doesn't solve a site access issue, selecting a exit in a much different geo-location solves it.

[1] I don't know that Vidalia is still considered "anonymity safe", in later TBB versions - like 4.02, 4.03.
COMMENTS on that?

On Cloudfront supplied captchas on sites, I still find that entering captchas or changing identities to be mostly unsuccessful.

Can someone explain about using the following methods -  mentioned earlier?
You might try adding TrackHostExits ..
  You might also try AllowDotExit.

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