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Re: [tor-talk] Fox News bans my Tor Browser

"Joe Btfsplk"  wrote:
>I don't know that Vidalia is still considered "anonymity safe", in 
>later TBB versions - like 4.02, 4.03.
>COMMENTS on that?

>Can someone explain about using the following methods -  mentioned
> You might try adding TrackHostExits ..
>   You might also try AllowDotExit.
TBB's new identity feature is considered more anonymity safe [1].
Vidalia's new identity doesn't consider how inter-tab traffic can
identify you. It also doesn't consider how changes to the browser
window make you unique (and trackable) across changed identities. TBB
will close open tabs and shutdown any traffic that may cross
identities. It also resets the browser window to some common size
within Tor's user-base.

TrackHostExits host -- try to reuse exits for the host [2]
AllowDotExit -- specify an exit to use with an address using dot
notation [2] 

-- leeroy

[2] https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-manual.html
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