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[tor-talk] Bandwidth / RAM: When does it make sense to operate a tor relay (non-exit)

Hello folks,

I tried to bring this up at last years 32c3 relay operators meetup, but
I didn't get much feedback. Thus, I'm asking here ;-).

-> Who is running a tor-relay on embedded hardware (such as rasperri pi,
etc.). at home. What's your experience?
-> What platform are you using (rasperri pi?).
-> What is the minimum bandwith for a tor-relay (non-exit), that does
make sense? Are "slow" ADSL2+ connections (16Mbit/s down / 1 MBit/s up)
-> What's is your experience?

We're trying to build a small relay in our hackerspace and - depending
on what makes sense at all - give a small workshop on crafting a tor
relay on cheap hardware.

Thanks in advance
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