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Re: [tor-talk] Exits: In Crossfire on the Front Lines

Maybe blind but I'm not really seeing much if any difference,
nor in your illuminated version.

The Govt reports and the games behind them have many issues.
Micah's article in defense of Tor is appropriate and shared.
And the point of movrcx's article clearly lies elsewhere.
Hopefully people don't miss it while debating lumens.

Tor et al are now publicly recognized tools for all manner of
activities spanning a range of legitimacies as interpreted by
whichever users activists and analysts. They're going to have more
serious adversarial threats deployed against them, and more games
played with them. Tor, crypto, users etc... they're all in the [geo]political,
legal and LE big leagues now. And at risk. It's not the 90's anymore.

From philosophy to tech to deployment to defense, be ready, be better.
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