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Re: [tor-talk] Exits: In Crossfire on the Front Lines


Am 05.01.2017 um 05:23 schrieb grarpamp:
> Ultimately the weaponization and militarization of the Tor network by
> Russian cyber aggressors ....

Ohhh my dear - have a look at the website of TorProject.org and look at
"Who is using Tor":

> Militaries and law enforcement use Tor to protect their
> communications, investigations, and intelligence

Yes - militaries and especially intelligence agencies around the world
are using Tor and this is not a secret and it is not new. If NATO is
using Tor, why not Russians too? It is an open network for everybody.

By the way:

> The Ruskies have successfully completed a major full-scope
> information operation aimed at installing the next leader of the free
> world.

Like others I can not see any proof or evidence for this story. Some
emails were leaked because somebody used the password "PASSWORD" for his
email account and was tricked together with others by a phishing attack
- thats clear, but nothing more.

You may have a look at the leaked emails (at the content of the emails)
and may be, you can read, how the "leaders of the free world" tried to
manipulate the US-election. Why we don't talk about the content of the
leaked emails? But this question is not Tor-related and off-topic here.

Best regards
Karsten N.
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