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RE: I'm seeing someone else's localhost.localdomain

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 Following this thread, what comes to mind is:

This seems like a job for tor-resolve, but I have no idea how to set
it up in windoze, nor how to make that the default way to resolve

Is there anywhere to find the information on how to make this work
(either for dns to use tcp through tor, or use tor-resolve) on win32?

- -Bob

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> By the way, I don't think either Firefox, Privoxy or
> the client side of Tor should change their behaviour
> here. Think about this: Usually, an application
> doesn't parse a host configuration file by itself. It
> is the OS's job to handle these configuration issues,
> and replicating them on the application layer makes no
> sense. Therefore, an application just sends a resolve
> request to the underlying OS and lets the OS figure
> out where to look. Unfortunately, if the host in
> question is not found in the hosts file, this would
> result in the OS leaking information by resolving this
> host by regular, non-encrypted DNS. Not good.
> I think excluding local host names from using the
> proxy is the proper way to go.
> Robert

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