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Re: I'm seeing someone else's localhost.localdomain

On Wed, Jul 06, 2005 at 02:42:12PM -0700, Bob wrote:
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>  Following this thread, what comes to mind is:
> This seems like a job for tor-resolve, but I have no idea how to set
> it up in windoze, nor how to make that the default way to resolve
> uris.

Sad to say, that's not what tor-resolve does.  It isn't a replacement
for your resolver; it's a command-line tool that uses Tor to lookup a
single hostname, and returns a single IP address.

Example use:

  [2]% tor-resolve tor.eff.org
  Got answer

It would be pretty cool to have a replacement DNS proxy that used Tor;
somebody should write one. :)

Nick Mathewson

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