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Configure TorDNS

OK -

I have downloaded and copied the following files to c:\program files\tor:
 - tordns.exe
 - startup.exe

I ran startup.exe and tordns.exe (which gives me the sys tray icon that

I configured the Windows Firewall to allow TorDNS to be an exception.

Changed the TCP/IP Settings to use as the only DNS Server
(leaving the 2nd one blank).

I edited the hosts. file in \windows\system32\drivers\etc\ to add a line:
 - socklocal

I stopped the DNSCache service

I restarted Tor

Everything works except that DNS entries are not being resolved - in
other words I cannot surf the net.

The directions at http://sandos.ath.cx/~badger/tordns.html are very
unclear and I am sure I missed something.  Can anyone let me know what
it is?