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TorDNS (was DNS Server question)

>From the page at: http://sandos.ath.cx/~badger/tordns.html it seems to
imply that the WinXP version will run on 2003.  Have you tested it on
your machine?  If not, I have a VM I can try it out on next week and
report back here.

That being said:

 - Can anyone vouch for the integrity of the app from the above URL?  I
didn't see any hash value or key with it.
 - Is there a script or resource that would allow the user to quickly
toggle from the "normal" setup (i.e. non-TorDNS) and TorDNS?  I suppose
I can write one with WSH but was curious if anyone has done this
already.  If I do write one, and it's indeed possible I will post it here.
 - How many people on this list are using TorDNS on Windows? Do you like
it, (re: issues of speed, etc.)?


Marko Sihvo wrote:
> Michael Holstein wrote:
>>> There is no way in Windows to redirect all DNS queries over Tor
>>> at a system level yet.  Only at an application level.
>> You can use TorDNS to accomplish that.
>> http://sandos.ath.cx/~badger/tordns.html
>> /mike.
> only if it worked with server 2003.... :(