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Re: End of ROCKate soon

Here it is:

Also, there is coverage in the C4 Wiki:


On 06.07.2007 11:01:19, Sam wrote:
> Benjamin,
> Do you have a link to the German law text by any chance?
> Would be helpful.
> Sam
> Benjamin Schieder wrote:
> >Hi people.
> >
> >In response to a law that passed the german legislative today, I will cease
> >production, development and distribution of ROCKate binaries and - maybe -
> >even source code soon.
> >The reasen is §202c StGB which states (IANAL translation):
> >
> >"Producing, acquiring, selling, giving, distributing or making-accessible 
> >of
> >passwords or other access codes as well as computer programs whose aim it 
> >is
> >to commi a crime ... will be punished with up to one year in jail or a 
> >fine."
> >
> >See also: http://www.phenoelit.de/202/202.html
> >
> >Basically, these waters are too hot for me to tread in. Though the official
> >reading of the wall - reading from politicians that is - says that they 
> >only
> >target 'criminals' and there is no need to worry with the wording, nobody
> >knows when some underworked lawyer thinks he might go on to sue the ass off
> >of everyone in IT.
> >
> >If someone wants to mirror/host/develop ROCKate further, be my guest. If 
> >you
> >need technical assistance, I can offer guidance, but I probably won't write
> >a single line of code anymore. Sorry.
> >
> >
> >Greetings,
> >	Benjamin
> >  
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