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Re: End of ROCKate soon

On 06.07.2007 12:01:06, Arrakis wrote:
> Benjamin,
> 	Sorry to hear you won't be keeping up on the ROCKate and
> 	have been forced to succumb to Germany's turn. I expect
> 	more such tor-related shutdowns among fear and legislation.
> 	I'll be picking up the slack shortly, so no worries.
> 	A development release of xB Machine will be available
> 	August 3rd. It will likely be hosted from Germany, but
> 	I think we will stand the heat. If Germany doesn't like
> 	it we will host it elsewhere. If you want, we could probably
> 	host it for you, but I don't know how much you want
> 	it still available, if Germany will punish you for it.

I'd be really happy if someone can host it outside Germany. I don't think
they can sue me because I did the work before the law passed.

I can also imagine picking up work again if - when - the smoke clears.

Just for now, I'm not too keen to go to jail for some stupid law that outlaws
tools instead of use.

Benjamin 'blindCoder' Schieder
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