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Re: Spam from this list? OT!

On Sat, 07 Jul 2007, Sam wrote:

> Apologies for bringing this up. I live a pretty spam-free life and like 
> to keep it that way.
> I got three SPAM's today from this list.

> As I read the headers, those are coming from the or-talk list server.
> Can anyone (spammers) post there or did the server get hi-checked?
> Changing my receiving address - my usual counter measure to this - does 
> not work if it comes from the list server.

the server was/in not hijacked
spam via mailinglists is normal, and really heavy to block

The main problem is, that most lists allow users to post without subscribing
to the list. Mostly of this spam is filterted, but sometimes "new" spam makes

So just use a good Spamfilter like SpamAssassin, and it will block/remove
nearly all spam.

Florian Reitmeir