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Re: running tor on a vserver

sigi wrote:
> Hi, 
> two days ago I set up a Tor-proxy on my vserver 
> Is there anything, I can do about it? I got this vserver mostly, because 
> I wanted to run tor... and no I have to see it's not working! :-|
I've been running tor on a vserver for some time now, smooth and stable.
The problem on vservers is, that your usage of hardware resources is
very limited (which you can't do anything about!), so you'll have to
figure out just how much your vserver can take. I'm running it on a
Strato-vServer and have no warnings whatsoever with a Bandwith limit of 
~200 KB/s. If I set the limit much above that, my log gets flooded.
But as I said, you're gonna have to figure out your limit for your
particular server.

Oh, here's one more piece of advice that should save you some trouble:
Don't use the Accounting - options in torrc, but rather the BandwithRate
& -Burst. With accounting, tor will try to burn the allowed  traffic as
fast as possible within the first period, and thus lead to LOTS of
warnings in your log. So grab a calculator and do the math for yourself ;)


cerebellum - tor on SUSE 9.3