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Re: running tor on a vserver


> > two days ago I set up a Tor-proxy on my vserver 
> >
> > Is there anything, I can do about it? I got this vserver mostly, because 
> > I wanted to run tor... and no I have to see it's not working! :-|

> I've been running tor on a vserver for some time now, smooth and stable.
> The problem on vservers is, that your usage of hardware resources is
> very limited (which you can't do anything about!), so you'll have to
> figure out just how much your vserver can take. I'm running it on a
> Strato-vServer and have no warnings whatsoever with a Bandwith limit of 
> ~200 KB/s. If I set the limit much above that, my log gets flooded.
> But as I said, you're gonna have to figure out your limit for your
> particular server.

I played a little with BandwidtRate & -Burst, but the warn-logs showed 
up again everytime, two hours after restarting tor...
With some friendly help of another tor-user I found the option 
ConnLimit, which I put into my torrc - and 'ConnLimit 90' has solved the 
problem. My server is running longer than 2 hours for now, without 
errors for the first time.

> Oh, here's one more piece of advice that should save you some trouble:
> Don't use the Accounting - options in torrc, but rather the BandwithRate
> & -Burst. With accounting, tor will try to burn the allowed  traffic as
> fast as possible within the first period, and thus lead to LOTS of
> warnings in your log. So grab a calculator and do the math for yourself ;)

OK, I turned the accounting off and calculated a little on my own. :)