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Re: running tor on a vserver

> We should probably rename it MinConn or something like that -- or get
> rid of it entirely. To repeat: Saying "ConnLimit 90" will have no effect
> on your situation.

And I thought, it helped, because this is the first time, my server runs 
a lot longer than 2 hours...
Do you have any suggestions, what I can do else to prevent the logs 
about the buffer?

> (Some people want us to implement some sort of maximum connections open at
> a time feature -- but that would cause you to refuse 'extend' operations,
> and potentially turn you into a useless Tor server. Until we have a plan
> for a non-clique topology (also known as a restricted-route topology)
> that doesn't screw up the anonymity we can offer, the best we can answer
> is that you need to be able to handle many sockets if you want to be
> a server.)

Does this mean, I can't do anything about it but restarting my server 
several times per day?