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Re: running tor on a vserver

On Mon, Jul 09, 2007 at 03:16:38AM +0200, sigi wrote:
> Does this mean, I can't do anything about it but restarting my server 
> several times per day? 

The suggestion of cranking down the bandwidthrate (and make sure to crank
down the bandwidthburst alongside it) is a good one. You may find that
setting your MaxAdvertiseBandwidth to something even lower (like 20 KB)
lets you attract less traffic but still provide good performance for
the circuits you do get.

You could also invert your exit policy to accept *:80, *:443, *:6667,
and reject the rest (rather than rejecting a few and accepting the rest),
so you attract fewer exit connections that might use lots of buffer space.

You could also talk to the group providing your vserver and ask them to
raise some of the constraints. There's usually no good technical reason
why they can't, so I assume it's generally because they want to make you
suffer enough that you'll pay for a "real" computer with them. But hey,
maybe it's because they genuinely didn't realize that it might be useful
to have resources available.

Anybody have other suggestions?

Good luck,