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Re: Next news from Germany

On Sat, Jul 14, 2007 at 01:05:50PM +0200, la710 wrote:

> Hi Karsten and everyone,
> im running a tor server, too (fractal) . Like many german tor server  
> this one is hosted by the popular ISP Hetzner (Bavaria).

shrek2 is hosted at Hetzner as well. It's a throwaway tor
appliance (but for a cryptome mirror I haven't put up yet).

> Im getting strongly concerned about the online warrant discussion and  
> wanted to ask how you feel about it. I never
> got any letters from the BKA; I dont run an exit node. Im thinking  

I stopped getting letters from them the moment I switched to

> about quitting my ISP contract and move
> my server to somewhere else (outside germany).

Unless you're using a corporate off-shore front, it doesn't matter
where you host your server as long as it is easily traceable to you.

> Karsten can you give me or us some more details about your BKA  
> trouble. Do you think this is a test from the "Verfassungsschutz/BKA"  
> how far you can "exploit" the german law right now and after you, we  
> all will get letters the next month.

I don't think so.

> I somehow feel very unconfident about my situation running a tor  
> server and I want to be abit prepared about some kind of
> storm thats maybe coming up.

This is precisely the reaction the authorities want to happen.
It does perhaps make sense to temporarily switch off tor until we 
know whether the law will be exploited to the last letter.

> Greetings
> Johannes

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