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Re: magic Wednesday

On Tuesday 17 July 2007 21:17:50 Olaf Selke wrote:
> Robert Hogan wrote:
> > Just looking at a few days in June for blutmagie, it seems to disappear
> > off the radar shortly after teatime most days, then reappears some time
> > after midnight. Eerily human behaviour, at least by Irish standards.
> last Saturday I upgraded from version to Now the
> traffic distribution over the day looks more reasonable. Maybe it was a
> software issue with Of course a three day statistic doesn't
> prove anything. Attached you'll find my last 24h traffic stats.
> Keep you posted...
> regards, Olaf


shows your listing history over june and july on moria1, one of the main dir 

Delisting of blutmagie is shown where there is no information beyond the first 
sixty characters or so.

If you look at the date/time column to the right you'll see that interruptions 
to your listing tend to occur where ~24 hours have been left between updates 
to your server's descriptor, e.g. caused by your onion key rotating. 

Your listing has completely recovered since you updated a few days ago - you 
also changed your server's identity at the same time by the looks of it.

If you still have your logs from the affected times, can you see if there are 
any reports there of failing to upload your new router descriptor to the 

I want to do a bit more searching to see if the rut your server got into 
(updating its descriptor at practically the same time every day) is normal 
behaviour or not. 


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