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Re: magic Wednesday

Robert Hogan wrote:
> If you still have your logs from the affected times, can you see if there are 
> any reports there of failing to upload your new router descriptor to the 
> authorities?

logs are still available and do look clean. Apparently there was no
problem publishing the descriptor.

> I want to do a bit more searching to see if the rut your server got into 
> (updating its descriptor at practically the same time every day) is normal 
> behaviour or not. 

it sill looks the strange behavior vanished with I'll
check if memory consumption has changed, too. Reproducible
begun to eat up all virtual memory after eight days and crashing after 3

btw: Did I already mention I would a more sophisticated multi core
support than the NumCpus option? Yes, I did :-) My Debian Etch box still
is running with one core at 95% load and three cores nearly being idle.

regards, Olaf