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Re: is this a bandwidth problem? my IP is a TOR exit, the client works and the server doesn't

On 7/23/07, Fabian Keil <freebsd-listen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think you messed up your Privoxy configuration file
while debugging this issue.

The configuration file of the official Privoxy release
should contain the same (valid) lines as:


I was shocked, and a little embarrassed, to see that
initially reported that I had errors because I had taken out the dots.
I had not bothered to check it again after taking out the dots in the config.

I must have gotten it working briefly by initially leaving the "."s in, then I messed it up soon after that by taking them out.  I put the dots back in to the config file and suddenly the
page stopped showing the errors.

Thanks to everyone for  helping with this.