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Re: Exit node connection statistics

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 2:38 AM, Jan Reister <Jan.Reister@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Il 13/07/2008 17:54, mplsfox02@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ha scritto:
>> I set up a statistics script creating a list of the top 100 hosts each day to which Tor users connect to over my node (only for ports 80 and 443).
>> I decided to make this accessible through a hidden service only,
> You should add your relay nick and publish that page on your exit node
> public IP address.
> This way users can check that the stats are related to a specific relay.
> I would probably add your node to my ExcludeNodes entry.
> Jan

If he did that, it would skew the results.