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Re: Mixed pages - serious bug of tor

OK, understood. I thought you had specified the Python code you were
using.. it appears to use multiple exits.
Yes, I have to make tests, if bug depends on multiple exits or just on number of circuits... But I think it should make somebody who knows Tor better than me, because I cannot find many consequences from high level point of view.

Are tor developers reading this conference?

You need to try to identify the rogue exit node (or nodes) so we can
exclude it from our circuit builds. It could be an overflow but it could

I dont think it is problem of corrupted exit node. Btw, I tested many circuits because Im writing tor exit node scanner as school project ;). But of course, it was not intention to make TOO MUCH circuits.
Yes, but my point was it had to be admixture of the "clear" unencrypted
streams rather than encrypted streams, otherwise you would get garbage
out. Buffer overflow or not.

I think unencrypted communication is the most frequent, so there is big probability that I can see unencrypted communication than something fuzzy. But it is only subjective tip.

I guess that many of my page requests (I'm on 4mb broadband with dual
processor) should be getting this kinda error, but I do not. I just see
it once in a while (maybe once every 200+ pages) and then I try to zap
the exit node if it occurs repeatedly. This makes me wonder why you are
getting it so often.

Because many of your requests go thru only one or two circuit at the moment. I was made only one request (open page in browser), but there were hundreds of circuits. It is the difference between "normal browsing" and "buggy behaviour".