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Re: Mixed pages - serious bug of tor

- Are you using Opera to Privoxy to Tor, or Opera directly to Tor?

Opera -> Privoxy -> Tor
- Are bytes getting clobbered inside a given stream, or is Opera loading
 several streams and some of them are entirely the wrong bytes? For
 example, if you could fetch the page with wget and see if there's
 corruption inside the page you get, that would help narrow down.

It is mixed inside one stream. Artefacts of Yahoo was inside main HTML content of Centrum.

- Can you make this happen with many different exit points, or did you
 list those three because they're the ones that worked? If it works
 with others, which ones?

Exit nodes was selected randomly because testing of my app. I selected exit nodes with high bandwidth (they are in TOP 10 on torstatus). But I will test another situations and exit nodes.

- Can you get us a debug-level log (with SafeLogging 0) of the bug in
 action? I suspect it will be a large log.

I will make some tests without Opera and Privoxy (as you wrote, I will use wget or curl) to supress another software. But unfortunately, Im now going to holiday out of Internet, so I will make tests nearly next week.

But stay tuned, I will make better bug report.