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Re: Mixed pages - serious bug of tor

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 12:27:09PM +0200, slush wrote:
> because it looks like conference did not receive emails with attachments, Im
> resending my initial email about problem I found. Attachments from original
> email are here:
> http://www.slush.cz/centrumyahoo.png


Some things to narrow down to help us understand it:

- Are you using Opera to Privoxy to Tor, or Opera directly to Tor?

- Are bytes getting clobbered inside a given stream, or is Opera loading
  several streams and some of them are entirely the wrong bytes? For
  example, if you could fetch the page with wget and see if there's
  corruption inside the page you get, that would help narrow down.

- Can you make this happen with many different exit points, or did you
  list those three because they're the ones that worked? If it works
  with others, which ones?

- Can you get us a debug-level log (with SafeLogging 0) of the bug in
  action? I suspect it will be a large log.