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Re: About US$3 Million Spent per Second on Pornography in Indonesia

> OK, let me re-phrase that.

OK, let's see if understand these:

    ** Death of Free Internet is Imminent - Canada Will Becom Test Case
       July 2008
       [Roy: which I can't access currently]

    ** a slightly [but very much telling] *revised* edition of the
       above, Death of Free Internet is Imminent, can be found at

And if we are lucky--that is, you can read French--then read these, from a
first order sociologist and site on the Internet [guess, my main use of Tor is
for *tunneling* from Indonesia through the U.S. when reaching sites of value,
such voltairenet.org, become strangely *uneachable* ... depending from the
situation and the importance of the articles]

    ** Jean-Claude Paye: les populations sous surveillance -- Les consequences
       des legislations *antiterroristes* pour le simple citoyen
       par Silvia Cattori [who interviews Jean-Claude Paye]
       15 fevrier 2008

    ** Ennemis de l'Empire -- Proces en France et en Belgique
       par Jean-Claude Paye
       19 juillet 2008

for a start, so to spare you making dumb, or naive, statements such:

> Are you just rambling or do you have a specific problem with Tor?

/Roy Lanek
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