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Re: About US$3 Million Spent per Second on Pornography in Indonesia

> The or-talk mailing list is for all discussion about theory, design,
> and development of Onion Routing. For more general discussion about
> anonymity theory, including design and analysis not intended to affect
> Onion Routing per se, please consult the nymip research group and its
> mailing lists. For background on Onion Routing and related work
> consult the old site and our anonymity bibliography.

Thank you for having pointed it to me. (First important, clear reply to my
post.) Okay, I will of course conform to it.

Notice also that the flame-bait [sorry, it has not been intended as such ... I
was looking at Tor a bit less from the theoretical point] has been contained
[not an excuse] in a single thread at the least; it should not have disrupted
the normal flux too much: readers should have been able to skip the thread.

I apologize to the list.

/Roy Lanek

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