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Re: Google and Tor

James Brown wrote:

> I use the gmail within Tor very easy but I have some problems sometimes
> with other services of Google.

For maybe I couple of years it has been almost impossible for me to use
Google's search via Tor.  (It keeps calling me a virus.)  Somebody
eventually told me about Scroogle ( http://www.scroogle.org/scraper.html
) which I have had good luck with via Tor.  I *think* that recently,
after Google flags you as "suspicious activity" it allows you to proceed
with a captcha *if* you accept cookies. Not a good way to remain
anonymous unless you immediately delete the cookies.

(When I first tried to use Tor I had some, now long forgotten, problem. 
Google-analytics was my motivation for solving the problem.)

> But about last two monthes there is problems with using the Yahoo mail
> through Tor.

If you are talking about "error 999" (Yahoo's term), I have occasionally
had problems with that for a long time.  Recently it seems to have
become routine.  You can immediately go to the captcha login for email
(which I don't have trouble with from Tor) with:


(of course, Yahoo might break that link at any time)  Be aware that
although *login* to Yahoo mail is https, the other transmissions are in
clear text.  So you are exposing your email (both send and receive) to
exit nodes.

P.S.  After seeing bao song's post, I remembered I have fiddled with
Privoxy's settings to keep it from mangling Yahoo mail.  But I have
routed Yahoo's mail clear text straight to the Internet to avoid any
exit node mischief.  I send the https login via Tor because it it too
difficult to separate from my other Yahoo traffic.