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Re: Google and Tor

grarpamp wrote:
> >  GMail doesn't do this anymore.  You can sign up through Tor just fine.
> Yes, there was a time years ago where they were invite only :(
> Then they opened up. This does not refer to that historical thing.
> I tried making four different acct names over the span of a day
> about a day before I first posted this. Clearing cookies and
> newnym between each.
> Account creation tests between then and now have worked without issue.
> Don't know what google was up to when I posted Seems fine now.
> Thanks, sorry for the noise.

It may have been related to the traffic from those exit nodes that
Google was seeing *at* *that* *time*.  There was a time when Google's
search engine would sometimes tell me something along the lines of "we
think you are a virus" that was definitely time/exit-node dependent. 
(Now it is very rare that exiting from Tor does not cause me problems
with Google's search.)