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Re: Google and Tor

grarpamp wrote:
> >From some other thread:
> o Google was supportive of "good" uses of Tor, for its services
> AFAIK, google does not allow torizens to sign up for even
> gmail via Tor. It recently (perhaps always now?) insisted on
> sending a text to your cell phone to 'verify' you first. Or similarly
> breaking your anonymity and annoyance factor by linking you to
> two other email accounts via an 'invite'. So long as this proof
> continues to hold, I highly doubt google believes in Tor as a
> tool for good. Those concerned may wish to try a signup.
I use the gmail within Tor very easy but I have some problems sometimes
with other services of Google.
But about last two monthes there is problems with using the Yahoo mail
through Tor.