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Re: My tor exit node is STILL gone from the node list

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thus Scott Bennett spake:
|      On Tue, 21 Jul 2009 08:41:46 +0200 Timo Schoeler
| <timo.schoeler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
|> thus Scott Bennett spake:
|      Actually, no, I didn't, but I did write :-) :
|> |      On Tue, 21 Jul 2009 00:03:10 +0300 "Alexandru Cezar" <tor@xxxxx>
|> | wrote:
|> |>> Best of luck getting your provider to straighten out the routing.
|> |> I have limited experience in running servers. From what I found out,
|> my Xen dom0 is traceable
|> |> (, while the virtual host running TOR is not
|> (, vif-bridge). I can
|> |> still access the web server running on 109 though.
|> |> Is this a Xen misconfiguration? I can't think of anything that I have
|> changed.
|> |>
|> |      I've never worked with Xen, so I can't answer that.  However,
it is
|> | certainly possible to misconfigure other virtualization environments in
|> | ways that would probably cause those symptoms.  OTOH, it strikes me as
|> | more likely that the host system's packet filtering/redirection/NAT
|> software
|> | may be misconfigured.  Xen doesn't yet run on the BSDs, AFAIK, so I'll
|> guess
|> | that it's running on a LINUX system of some flavor, so iptables is
|> probably
|> | the filtering package.  Beyond that, I can't tell you much.  Some
of the
|> | LINUX users on this list ought to be able to give you some help in
|> figuring
|> | out whether the problem is with Xen or with the host system.
|> |
|> |
|> |                                   Scott Bennett, Comm. ASMELG, CFIAG
|> hi,
|> a vif-bridge in Xen does, what it's name says: It bridges. So when your
|> domU has a 'proper' (plain standard seen from within the domU itself) IP
|> setup, there's no difference to a bare metal host.
|> However, as I see, your problem's already fixed?
|      Actually, it was Alexandru reporting the problem, not I,

I know; sorry for my misleading eMail. I was responding to the thoughts
WRT Xen.

| but it's not
| obvious that it is fixed.  kyirong2 has been missing from the consensus
| for quite a few hours now.  I don't know whether that means he is trying
| different Xen tricks, is working with his ISP, or some other possibility
| that would leave his node down or unreachable for now.

I came across the web page on the machine after I scanned it, to be
honest. The results from this scan show a 'healthy' node regarding its
network configuration (except one little thing that I will tell the TS),
so it might be a routing issue (ISP) or an application problem.



|                                   Scott Bennett, Comm. ASMELG, CFIAG

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